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Geetha J


Writer-director-producer Dr Geetha J. founded AkamPuram, an independent production company, after years of experience as a journalist, film critic and television presenter / producer in Kerala and a film activist and academic in England. Geetha turned to filmmaking with Woman with a Video Camera in 2005. Later, she received the Göteborg International Film Festival’s Fund to work on her first feature script. She was also selected for the Berlin Talent Campus in 2009. Geetha has directed three films and her experience as a producer includes twelve films apart from ten years in the television industry. AkamPuram’s distinctive slate of documentaries and short films include Woman with a Video Camera, A Short Film About Nostalgia, Akam/Inside, Seescapes as well as Inside the Kalari and Out of Our Hands. All these films have been to several international film festivals. Algorithms is AkamPuram’s first feature-length project.