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Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald is a sociologist and documentary filmmaker developing a centre for Film Practice at Newcastle University. Having always used the camera to support his research on sport and physical culture in UK and India, Ian’s move to documentary filmmaking, benefits from a seemingly effortless ‘way of seeing’ that has resulted in documentaries with a difference on art and sport, especially of the ‘sporting outsider’- the one who is seen as ‘different’ by a ‘normal’ society. His documentaries have been screened at film festivals, conferences and campaign meetings around the world. Algorithms is Ian’s debut feature documentary.


Inside the Kalari (2007/20mins) Video
Brighton Bandits (2007/40mins) Video
Shame (2009/5mins) Video
Out of Our Hands (2009/9mins) Video
Melancholic Constellations: The Art of Kentridge (2010/55mins) Video
Willem Boshoff: Reflections of a South African Artist (2010/25mins) Video
10-11 Pavilion Parade (2011/15mins) Video
Justin (2011/30mins) Video

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